We are now all Peeeks

Ampard, Peeeks and Eneco CrowdNett team officially joined forces beginning of 2019.

But our collaboration dates back longer: Ampard was working with Eneco on the CrowdNett swarm storage project since 2016. Ampard Ltd. became a daughter of Eneco in June 2018. Since then, Ampard and the CrowdNett team operated as one. Shortly after, we also got introduced to Peeeks, another daughter company of Eneco Group with a similar but complimentary product portfolio for flexibility.

Our joint mission – unlocking the potential of residential energy assets – brought us together. In the past months, we became one truly international team with people working from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine and France. In the technical development area, we already walk the talk of synergies. At this point, we also align everything else, including the choice of one joint company name: Peeeks BV.