Ampard and Peeeks join forces

Ampard, Peeeks and Eneco CrowdNett team officially joined forces beginning of 2019.

Yet, our collaboration goes back further: Ampard Ltd. has been working with Eneco on the CrowdNett swarm storage project since 2016, before it became a daughter of Eneco in June 2018. Since then, Ampard and the CrowdNett team operated as one. Shortly after, we also got introduced to Peeeks, another daughter company of Eneco with a similar but complimentary product portfolio in smart energy management.

Our joint mission – unlocking the potential of residential energy assets – brought us together. Our common focus is to create smart energy solutions for heating, solar power, storage, and e-mobility. In the past months, we became one truly international team with people working from locations in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine and France.

From a technical perspective we have already achieved good synergy. Now, we also align branding and company presentation, including the choice of one joint company name:
Peeeks BV.