Together with our clients and partners, we changed how thousands of homes
use heating and electricity in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

LichtBlick SchwarmBatterie®

End-customers reduce their electricity bills to 0 Euros

The project
Peeeks platform manages the swarm of home batteries owned by LichtBlick customers under the product brand SchwarmBatterie®. Our energy management systems connects individual batteries into one swarm and forms a virtual power plant (VPP), which can be used for primary control reserve (PCR). Furthermore, the Peeeks controller increases PV self-consumption; heat pumps are also controlled by the energy management system. The total solution consisting of PV, battery and LichtBlick electricity contract is distributed together with installation partners in Germany.
Our contribution
  • 24/7 operation of the swarm battery pool
  • energy management app for end-customers
  • consulting in product offering, customer proposition and market rollout

The success
  • end-customer offering: electricity bill of 0 Euros
  • increased sales of solar & battery packages by our partners
  • continuous integration of more market-leading inverter & battery brands

Eneco CrowdNett

Pioneering in NL with Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem

The project
Eneco started the commercial rollout with Tesla Powerwall in September 2016. After a very successful start, the offering for PV-owners and prospective PV-owners was complemented with LG Chem high voltage batteries.
Peeeks controller increases PV self-consumption. Furthermore, users of those connected batteries are paid between 400 to 500 Euros for their contribution to grid stability every year. Eneco benefits from the participation in the ancillary services markets and from a long-term customer loyalty.
Our contribution
  • battery pool operation for primary control reserve
  • technical pilot, commercial pilot, scale-up
  • energy management app for end-customers

The success
  • 700+ interested customers in first weeks of rollout
  • extra revenue = battery case despite net-metering
  • virtual power plant philosophy: utility and customers as partners in energy transition

Smart e-boilers

Connected electric boilers maximise hot water comfort

The project
Peeeks developed a smart electric boiler module in cooperation with Eneco Installatiebedrijven, TWTG, and T-systems. This module allows remote steering and monitoring of hot water boilers. Unlike traditional models that pre-heat at night, the smart e-boilers heat just-in-time for the customer’s warm water consumption. This reduces radiant heat losses and results in energy cost savings. Furthermore, the electric boiler module connects to Peeeks' platform via GSM and can be turned on when there is a surplus of wind- or solar power. Thanks to our solution, Eneco Energy Trading can directly use the boiler fleet to help balance the electric infrastructure – while improving the customer's comfort levels.
Our contribution
  • rapid prototyping of module and platform
  • operation and scale-up concept for growing fleet (hundreds per week)
  • VPP for flexibility trading

The success
  • thousands of e-boilers retro-fit by 2019
  • savings of up to 10% of a boiler's electricity cost
  • additional value from grid balancing

District heating with smart thermostat

Multiple benefits from integrated temperature management

The project
Eneco aims to better align the district heating network and assets with customers' heat demand in order to increase customers' comfort while giving them more insight into their consumption. Peeeks delivers and monitors the district heating unit and displays its consumption data in the smart thermostat Toon®. The cloud-connected controller of Peeeks manages the flow of heat and exchanges data with the smart thermostat to pre-heat a customer's home based on the heating profile of that customer.
Our contribution
  • joint technical development of the controller
  • cloud platform and smart control algorithms
  • coordination with other innovation parties

  • customers receive direct insights into their Stadswarmte consumption
  • proof of concept by small-scale pilot: Fulfilling customers' needs AND supply chain cost reductions

Audi smart charging strategies

Exploring PV and e-mobility dependencies

The project
In a research project between Audi and the Technical University of Ingolstadt, households in Germany and Switzerland got an electric car (Audi e-tron), solar system, battery storage and heat pump for one and a half years. Peeeks supplied the energy management system (EMS) for the control of all components. Our intelligent charging strategies have been proven to reduce the local grid load induced by electric car charging in the early evening hours. The battery storage system and heat pump surplus management overall maximised PV self-consumption. In addition to the extensive data analysis, the focus was also on the emotions: a fully sustainable driving experience thanks to mostly self-produced e-mobility.
Our contribution
  • Control algorithms for wallbox and heatpumps
  • UX-centred charging functionalities in Peeeks App
  • Batteries integrated in existing PRL pools for additional revenues

  • Valuable client feedback for future bundle offering
  • Reducing grid overload with smart charging
  • Experience: e-mobility made possible with home-produced renewables

What else is in the making?

Other consulting and early pilot projects worth mentioning:

  • Development of asymmetrical phase control for fast, non-restricted EV charging
  • Controlling of heatpumps and other time-shiftable loads for maximisation of PV self-consumption
  • Expertise on flexibility market requirements in different European countries

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