A world with 100% sustainable energy resources is possible.
We contribute by developing smart energy solutions sustaining the convergence of power, heat and mobility.

Our mission

is to unlock the potential of residential energy assets

Our smart-tech approach never loses the end-customer’s perspective. We develop intelligent algorithms that allow the various devices to automatically interact and work in the most useful way for people. We offer full control and security to anyone who is installing, operating and using energy devices.

The structures of the traditional energy industry are outdated – they evolve or are changed by disruptive players. We bring utilities and renewable assets together, through collaboration with all parties involved. These new collaborative structures can emerge across levels and sectors thanks to new technologies.

A future with only renewable energy resources relies on decentralized but fully interconnected energy assets.
Delivering flexibility helps the power grid to manage the fluctuant energy from solar and wind farms. By creating a virtual power plant of decentralized assets, we further accelerate the energy transition.

The transition towards renewable energy increases the impact of connected devices in homes.

Our company

has a strong track-record and network in the energy industry

The companies forming Peeeks – Ampard, Peeeks in the Netherlands and Eneco CrowdNett team – have been developing a range of innovative services and products since 2011. We have joined forces now to advance the next generation of smart energy management solutions under the premise of a growing convergence of power, heat and mobility. Peeeks is part of the Eneco Group.
  • 2011


    founded by Philipp Eisenring and others

  • ABB acquired Epyon, the former startup of three of the founders of Peeeks

  • 2014

    Project with VEiN, IWB and CKW for swarm technology with 50 KW batteries

  • Peeeks

    founded by Jorrit Lucas, Wouter Smit and others

  • 2015

    BKW commercial pilot for swarm with residential batteries 10 KW

  • 2016

    Project with TenneT and Greenchoice on PCR with bio gas generators

  • Commercial pilot with Eneco for battery swarm with Tesla Powerwall

  • 2017

    Pilot with Eneco for smart electric boiler development

  • Research project with Audi on e-car charging home energy integration

  • 2018

    Pilot with Eneco for district heating in Utrecht

  • Commercial pilot for LichtBlick SchwarmBatterie®

  • 2019

    Peeeks and Ampard

    joined forces

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In the past years, we built a vast network in the European energy industry.