Our platform controls and monitors large numbers of residential energy assets
and creates value for you and your customers.

Smart technology

A toolkit to unlock the potential of your energy assets

We are fluent in protocols to start conversations, design intelligent control algorithms and integrate any residential energy device on our IoT platform.

We analyse the energy consumption cycles of households to find, access, and unlock the flexibility in your asset fleets and create additional value for you and your customers.

We are experts for cloud storage, system architecture, and security to successfully operate large interconnected fleets and growing energy pools.

Our platform provides powerful tools for automated monitoring, operations, and maintenance. We offer performant APIs for visualization of the fleet and single units.

Inside our photovoltaics and storage test lab.

Using forecast data for the unlocking of flexibility.

Our GSM-connected controller for e-boilers allows easy installation in large numbers.

Performance of the virtual power plant with the connected assets at one glance.

White label products

A set of market-proven solutions

Match the pre-heating of boilers with secondary control reserve while increasing the comfort for end-users.

Orchestrate the use of solar power including e-car charging, heat pumps and temperature regulated heating rods.

Aggregate home batteries to become virtual power plants that can participate in the flexibility markets.

Deliver heating services for an entire neighbourhood with advanced pooling functionalities.

Manage appliances with this modular hardware-software combination
developed by Peeeks.

Together with our clients, we design solutions that enhance the residential energy experience.